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Custom Cabinet Manufacturer

We offer bespoke cabinetry from small components to full house customization.

Architecture Exterior

We provide the service to plan the exterior of the building, including the construction of new houses on vacant land, extensions, renovations, and changes to house specifications.

Interior Design

We provide 720 Panoramic Rendering Image for the interior design service and allow the customers to fully understand the whole house design.

Consultant Service

Our consultants with 20 years of experience will provide you a 1-on-1 (Face-to-Face OR Online) consultation before and after the construction.

Meet the 720 Panorama

Explore and connect with your future home design with our innovative technologies. Start your virtual home tour with a single click.


720 Panorama is a brand-new experience for my family and me. We can easily understand every corner and detail of our home design before the renovation gets started. Never thought about this technology can be so powerful and solve our problem.
I would like to compliment our design consultant, Foo for his fantastic effect which transformed our unit into our dream home. He possesses good taste and has a keen eye for detail and always offers us a suggestion to refine the design. Throughout the renovation period, he was very responsive and provided professional site supervision.

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